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Did one of your teeth just get knocked out? Do you have a severe toothache that just won’t go away? Has some of your dental work been damaged? If so, you need dental care fast to help relieve your pain and save your smile. Our emergency dentists, we’re happy to treat these kinds of emergencies, and we’ll see you as quickly as possible when you call us with one. Our team will walk you through first-aid over the phone, and as soon as you reach our office, we’ll bring you back to a treatment room. When you’re in dental pain and need relief FAST, you can always count on us.

Below, we’ve listed some helpful steps for what to do in a variety of common dental emergencies. While most of these tips are not permanent solutions, they can definitely improve your situation in the crucial time between your initial accident and your emergency appointment with us.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Man in glasses smilingFirst, rinse the tooth very gently to get rid of any stray debris. Then, place it carefully back into its original socket and hold it in place until you arrive at our office. If this just isn’t possible, please place the tooth inside a cup or plastic bag full of milk and be sure to bring it with you. Reattachment may be possible!

A Broken Tooth

Woman smilingIf you crack your tooth, rinse the affected area immediately with lukewarm water. Then, hold a cold compress against the appropriate cheek to reduce any swelling that may occur until you’re able to reach us.

A Knocked-Out Temporary Crown

Woman smiling outdoorsDo you still have the temporary crown? If so, you can dry your natural tooth and reattach it with the help of a small dab of toothpaste, dental wax, or temporary adhesive, all of which are available at any nearby pharmacy. This fix should only be considered temporary– please schedule an appointment at Meriden Dental Group as soon as possible so that we can professionally reattach the crown.

A Possibly Broken Jaw

Man holding chin and smilingIf you think your jaw may be broken, please go straight to your nearest emergency room. If you also experienced broken/lost teeth due to the accident, contact our office after you receive initial treatment and we can schedule an appointment for you.

Severe Toothache

Man smilingCarefully rinse your entire mouth, paying special attention to the area around the tooth that seems to be hurting. Floss the area as well to ensure that there aren’t any food particles or other debris that could be causing the irritation. Make sure not to place an aspirin directly against the tooth, as this may damage your soft tissue. If the pain still persists after these steps, please call our office.

We’re Here For You!

If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t wait, call us as soon as you can. We’ll see you as soon as possible and do everything we can to save your smile.

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