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Life with a large amount of missing teeth can be very uncomfortable. Simple everyday activities such as talking and eating can become very difficult. It can also leave people feeling very self-conscious about social situations. Health-wise, numerous missing teeth can lead to atrophy of the jaw, which in itself can lead to even more missing teeth. In this case, a set of full dentures in Meriden can help a patient restore their smile and function normally once again.

What Are Full Dentures?

Closeup of whole healthy smileDentures are a set of prosthetic teeth that are attached to a gum colored base, and they are typically used to help a patient restore numerous missing or damaged teeth. Unlike partial dentures, full dentures are able to replace an entire arch of teeth. They can fit into the mouth in a variety of ways, using natural suction, denture adhesive, or even dental implants to stay in place. They not only can help a patient talk and eat normally, but also help maintain their appearance and give them their smile back.

How We Make Your Dentures

Hand holding water glass with denturesThe first step to getting your full denture is to make an appointment with your dentist in Meriden at Meriden Dental Group. Dr. Chimmiri will examine your mouth and jaw and determine if a set of full dentures is the best solution for you. Once that has been decided, he may need to extract any remaining teeth in order to better accommodate the dentures. After you have healed, the process to make your dentures involves 4 basic steps:

The entire process is usually accomplished over the course of a few weeks with multiple visits. This will assure that your dentures are comfortable and make you feel confident.

What Will They Feel Like?

Older man with healthy smileYou will be advised to wear your dentures for 24 hours a day for the first couple of weeks. This will help your gums conform to them, as well as help you get used to using them. Your dentures may feel loose initially, so a bit of dental adhesive can help this. Tasks such as talking and eating will require some practice. You can try reading out loud every night to get used to speaking with your dentures, and limit your diet to softer foods in order to learn how to eat with them.

While you might experience some minor irritation at first, you should make an appointment immediately if you feel any lasting pain. After the adjustment process, the dentures should feel very natural and enable you to go throughout the day without thinking about them. The only care they require is a cleaning similar to brushing your teeth. Be sure you use a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste specifically made for dentures.

Any Questions?

If you are curious about what a set of full-dentures could do for you, please give us a call today. We want to help restore your smile and confidence, so please don’t wait to come see us.

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