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Traditional Braces – Meriden, CT

The Tried and True Way to Straighten Teeth

Millions of people suffer from a type of dental misalignment. For some individuals, it is a minor issue that does not go beyond aesthetics. For others, the poor positioning of their teeth poses a serious threat to their oral health. People in both of these groups may benefit from traditional metal braces. This tried and true method for straightening teeth has already helped generations of patients to enjoy the benefits of proper dental alignment — perhaps it can help you as well.

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Smiling blond woman with traditional braces in Meriden

Traditional braces are composed primarily of two components: brackets and wires. The brackets are small metal pieces that get bonded directly to the teeth. They hold wire in place. Together, the brackets and wire apply gentle pressure to the teeth to move them into their correct positions. The braces get tightened at periodic orthodontic checkups to ensure the teeth continue to shift properly. The total treatment time with braces depends on the extent of the orthodontic issue that is being corrected.

What Smile Problems Can Be Treated with Traditional Braces?

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Traditional braces are able to address most types of orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth, space between the teeth, and occlusion (bite) issues.





Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth that overlap one another are at a higher risk of decay and breakage than well-aligned teeth. Braces, along with possible extractions, can ensure that each tooth has enough space to thrive.

Spaces Between Teeth

Extra space between the teeth is unsightly, and it can pose problems with speaking and eating. Braces can gently move the teeth closer together to improve oral function and aesthetics.

Incorrect Bite Alignment

Open bite, crossbite, overbite, and underbite are just a few of the occlusion problems that can affect a smile’s appearance and health. Braces are able to correct such issues in most cases.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

Smiling, handsome man enjoying benefits of traditional braces

Traditional braces offer numerous benefits, including:

Understanding the Cost of Traditional Braces

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When you visit us for your orthodontic consultation, we will give you an estimate for the cost of your braces. How much you pay will depend on the extent of your dental misalignment, what type of accessories you need, and whether you insurance covers orthodontic treatment. Our team will be happy to help you explore your payment options. With our in-office special, patients may receive braces for as little as $187 per month.

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