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If your smile is missing just a few teeth, then there is a clever solution to your problem. Just like full dentures, partial dentures consist of teeth placed into a gum-colored base. However, instead of forming a complete arch, they’re designed to fit into a patient’s existing smile like a puzzle piece, completing gaps and creating a completely uniform appearance. They’re able to stay in place with the help of small, comfortable clips. Partial dentures resemble dental bridges, but they’re actually removable, which can provide patients more convenience and comfort in their daily routine.

Do I Really Need to Replace Just a Few Teeth?

Older man examined in dental chairThe short answer to that question is yes—and not only because tooth replacement will dramatically improve your smile’s appearance (although that is certainly a valid reason). One or two missing teeth can lead to a number of other oral health problems and possibly some general health concerns, too.

When you have missing teeth, you are more likely to also suffer from tooth decay and even gum disease. In addition, teeth need each other to remain in alignment. Remove one and the others are more likely to shift out of position, and this can lead to uncomfortable bite problems.

Systemically, missing teeth can even lead to malnutrition. Many people who have suffered tooth loss must often eliminate some foods from their diet. These usually fall into the healthy foods category of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, beans, and nuts. The consequences may only be subtle, but they can certainly affect your overall wellbeing.

Receiving Your Partial Dentures in Meriden

Older man smiling in during dental treatmentTo design a partial, our dentists follow a step-by-step process to ensure the best appearance of your smile and the most comfort for your mouth. Photographs, x-rays and impressions help us to design your customized partial denture in Meriden. In addition to designing your partial, the dentist will also want to ensure the health of the surrounding teeth as well as your gums. Because the partial will be attached to teeth that are adjacent to the gap in your smile, the health of these teeth is essential to a successful fit. Once in place, the brackets or clips that secure the partial become all but invisible in your smile.

To care for your partial denture, be sure to clean it daily with a soft denture brush and special denture cleaner that is free of abrasives. Never sleep with your partial denture in place. Instead, let it soak in water or a denture cleaning solution.

Are you missing multiple teeth? Could a partial denture finally help you smile with confidence? If so, be sure to contact our office today for an appointment.

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