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Grab These Orthodontic Deals Before They Are Gone!

August 25, 2020

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Braces to Fit Your Budget

Our team understands that these days, many families’ budgets are tighter than ever. We are here to help out by making it even more affordable to get the dental treatment you require. Have you considered getting braces in the past but did not go through with the treatment due to financial concerns? Now, if you get started with traditional braces by November 13th, we will make the first payment* for you, and we will waive the entire down payment. 


How Your Dental Team Prepares to See You During COVID-19

June 11, 2020

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Canister containing disinfecting wipes for use in dental safety protocol

COVID-19 has changed many of the details of how dental offices operate. Before the disease broke out, your dental team may have had a somewhat simple procedure for preparing to treat you. They would wash their hands, put on a clean mask and other personal protective equipment, and ensure that they were using sterile instruments. Now, however, a much stricter dental safety protocol in Meriden is necessary to protect both patients and dental staff members. In this article, we will discuss just a portion of that protocol.


Maintain Your Dental Hygiene Through the Quarantine

March 23, 2020

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woman flossing to maintain dental hygiene during quarantine

As part of efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, most dental offices throughout the country have suspended normal operations. They are still serving patients, but they have postponed all elective and non-emergency procedures. Has your dental treatment been delayed? If so, it is vital that you maintain your dental hygiene through the quarantine. Your good habits will stop current oral health problems from rapidly worsening and prevent new ones from occurring. In this post, we provide some friendly reminders on how you can care for your teeth at home.


How Can Dental Implants Help Dentures Fit Better?

January 24, 2020

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Dentures offer reliable, aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement. However, they do come with some disadvantages. Many people with dentures may hesitate to wear them because they are afraid that the dentures will slip or click during eating and speaking. Others find that the fit of dentures changes over time, which makes the prosthetics more difficult to wear. In this blog post, we discuss a solution to such problems as we answer the question, How can an implant help dentures fit better?


What Are My Options for Improving the Shape of My Teeth?

November 5, 2019

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close-up of man’s smileThe size and shape of your teeth can have a significant effect on your overall appearance. If they are crooked, too small, worn-down, or chipped, your smile is losing out on its true potential. Misshapen teeth also pose a danger to your oral health. What can you do to reshape your teeth and achieve a healthier, more attractive mouth? In this blog post, we talk about some restorative treatment options that may be able to deliver the results you are hoping for.


Learn Why It’s Important to See Your Dentist Every Six Months

September 6, 2019

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How important is good oral health to you? Do you make sure you keep your regularly scheduled dental appointments just like you do your visits to the general practitioner or eye doctor? The mouth and body are closely interconnected, so when issues arise in one area, it is likely there are problems developing in the other. If you’ve been forgoing a dental visit every 6 months in Meriden, find out why it’s time to make a change and put your teeth and gums at the top of your priority list.


Pros and Cons of Bridges & Dental Implants in Meriden

August 10, 2017

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Dental implants in Meriden replace the full structure of your tooth. Do you have missing teeth? If you do or if you’re facing tooth loss, you may be faced with a variety of replacements to choose from. You may have heard two options get tossed around specifically: dental implants in Meriden and dental bridges. But which one is better for you and your individual tooth loss issue? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each to help you make an educated decision.


Oral Bacteria Linked to Migraines. Dentist in Meriden Explains.

June 30, 2017

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The dentist in Meriden provides comprehensive care. Chronic headache or migraine sufferers may go for decades without ever pinning down the source of their pain. That’s a depressing fact — but a relatively new study out from the University of San Diego School of Medicine may provide at least some answers, if not a solution just yet. The research partially concerns your oral bacteria, or the stuff that lives in your saliva and mouth, so it’s no surprise that your dentist in Meriden is right on top of it. Keep reading to find out more about the link between bacteria and the effect it could be having on your head!


Are You Looking for a Family Dentist in Meriden, CT? Meriden Dental Group Always Welcomes New Patients

February 25, 2016

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Protect your smile with top-notch care from your family dentist in Meriden, CT.Finding the right dentist for your family can be a conundrum. Most people start with the referrals of their trusted friends and family members, but for various reasons that resource doesn’t always work out. The Internet might be your next stop, but how do you know those Yelp reviews are real? If you’re looking for a family dentist in Meriden, CT the Meriden Dental Group has some tips for finding the right fit.


Are You Afraid of the… Dentist? Sedation Dentistry Meriden Trusts Is Your Solution

September 8, 2015

sedation dentistry meridentWe humans have a lot of fears, and many are for a good reason. Snakes because poison. Heights because falling. Dentist because… wait, why do we fear the dentist again? It’s an extremely common fear: in fact, seven out of 10 adults report having some fear of the dentist. Unfortunately, as many as half of adults avoid visiting the dentist as a result of their fear, only seeking treatment when their tooth pain becomes unbearable — and that’s a real problem.

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